COVID-19 Updates/Precautions

I am currently offering both in-person sessions and virtual sessions. Please note that should officials enact another stay-at-home order or if I become aware of any exposure in my office, I reserve the right to revert to exclusively doing teletherapy sessions. When in the office, I am taking the following precautions:

I have purchased an air purifier with CADR (clean air delivery rate) of 360, which means that it circulates and cleans the air in my office at least 5 times per hour. (The 360 technically means that it can clean the air in a room that is 360 square feet 5 times in one hour, and my office is less than half that size.)

I will continue to stagger my appointments so clients can come directly in to my office instead of waiting in the lobby. If I am running late (or you are running early), and you do not feel comfortable waiting in the waiting area, feel free to wait in your car and either call or email me to let me know you are here.

I will be cleaning all high-touch surfaces between sessions, and will have hand sanitizer available in my office. There are several options for hand washing as well, and I will make sure that hand soap stays stocked. Use of masks or face shields during session is up to your discretion. I will respect your decision and am always glad to wear a mask when requested. I will have a very limited number of masks available, so please bring your own if possible. I will also have face shields available, and will sanitize them between use, if you prefer that option. The face shields belong to me, and will remain in my office.

If you become aware that you have been exposed to COVID19 and/or develop symptoms, please do not come for your scheduled appointment. As long as you communicated with me, any no show/late cancellation fees in this situation will be waived.

As I continue to think through this process and seek wise counsel, I may add additional precautions. Thanks for being patient during this season. Do let me know how I can support your mental wellbeing and stay healthy!